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Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage at Shakti the south of Vienna

The Lingam Massage is an intimate massage for the man; it is part of the tantra and erotic massages. It virtually serves the expansion of your consciousness on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, but can also be perceived as a mere wellness massage. The Lingam massage comprises the genital area of the man and opens up a deep access to his own pleasure and sexuality.

A Lingam massage inspires you to revise your sexual limitations and to supersede them with more sexual fulfilment and a new quality of touch and experience. As it is all about receiving, focusing above all on the sexual needs, the man can release his sexual potential, thus developing a genuine ability to love. He will therefore gain new ease and security. A man who knows himself and his Lingam is able to communicate his manhood, while at the same time embracing the female.