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Erotic Massage

Erotik Massage at Shakti in the south of Vienna

Our erotic massage is especially sensual, literally getting under your skin. By applying extremely sensitive and slowly gliding touches, positive sensations, such as love and sexual arousal are transmitted to the brain, thus getting you to the point of ecstasy.

The masseuse/ masseur do not only use their hands, but provide extra stimulation with an arousing body-to-body massage.

In the last part of the erotic massage, your erogenous zone is pampered in a soft and tender way, culminating in a sensitive massage of your intimate area.

The erotic massage is perfect for people who want to experience physical closeness and tenderness.

Opening Hours and Prices for the Pampering Programme

30min       120€
60min       160€
90min       240€
120min     320€

Products and Lying Surface

The erotic massage is applied with warm oil on a massage bed