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Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage at Shakti in the south of Vienna

Our tantra massage is an extremely relaxing and gentle whole-body massage rooted in ancient Indian practice. Everybody is full of sexual energy that is balanced and brought to flow with our tantra massage. For bottled-up energy is unhealthy in the long term. By tenderly touching your whole body in a cosy atmosphere, both physical and emotional tensions are released. Scented warm oils and oriental sounds will give you a feeling of safety and warmth. The masseuse/ masseur do not only use their hands, but also pamper you with an extra highly erotic body-to-body massage.

The sensual second part of the massage consists of a sensitive massage of your intimate area. Here you yourself can opt either for an imaginative massage not culminating in an erotic climax, or for a thrilling final act – most pleasurable and delayed for as long as possible. Thereby we apply our multi-variant special hand movements based on tantric practices. The tantra massage is perfect for all people who are happy to enjoy themselves and long for sensual touches.

Opening Hours and Prices for the Pampering Programme

Classic Tantra Massage

60min       160€
90min       240€
120min     320€

Products and Lying Surface:

The massage is applied with a high-quality oil on a massage bed.

Tantra Massage with Nuru Gel

60min       180€
90min       260€
120min     340€

Product und Lying Surface:

For the body-to-body massage, Nuru gel is applied. The Nuru massage is carried out on an air-bed. Refer to Nuru massage