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Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage at Shakti in the south of Vienna

Our Nuru massage is based on Japanese tradition and comprises the whole body This technique was originally practised by well-trained Geishas, who provided relaxation to well-to-do Japanese after a long working day. The Japanese word “Nuru” means „especially smooth“ or „glibbery“.

The Nuru Massage starts with a relaxing massage from our tantric or erotic offers – depending what pleases you most. Thereby your muscles are pleasantly relaxed, tensions are dissolved and your life energy is harmonised in a magnificent way.

As a highlight of the pampering programme, you experience a highly erotic body-to-body massage with Nuru gel. From the beginning, when you let yourself be poured over and enwrapped with warm Nuru gel, a pleasurable sensation will flow through your body, followed by an erotic symphony full of touches and an extra-class body-to-body massage that gets under your skin making you feel hot despite the slightly cooling Nuru gel.

The Nuru massage is rounded up with a sensual, especially glibbery massage of your intimate area. Thereby, our multi-variant imaginative massage techniques based on ancient Indian traditions are applied.

Nuru Massage

60min       180€
90min       270€
120min     360€

Product und Lying Surface:

For the body-to-body massage Nuru gel is applied and massaged on an air-bed.