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Bang to the Black Holes

SHAKTI is in Hinduism for the female elementary power of the universe. Often, the female counterpart of a male God is regarded as the Shakti. In Shaktism, a form of Hinduism, which refers to the female gods or goddess, the Shakti is a central role as the dominant deity. In the western Neotantra the term SHAKTI is mostly used as a symbol for “woman”. In honor of the Indian goddess SHAKTI SHAKTI we touch with our sensitive massage the body of our guests and caress their souls!

Discreet and sophisticated

The prices quoted are guide prices, the exact prices are therefore to be arranged directly with the respective ladies and gentleman, since these are self-employed. Out of respect for the privacy of our masseuses, we kindly ask you not bring this to the request of a private meeting in distress. Our treatments provide relaxation and wellbeing for body, mind and soul, we therefore make NO REPLACEMENT FOR TREATMENT MEDICAL. BUSINESS LAW backed up our performance as an aid to achieve a physical and energetic balance.